Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Apr 3, Dr. Oz Adderall Herbal Substitute AddieUp

Dr. Oz did a fine series on the Adderall Epidemic and what it does to the body. Adderall must be very appealing to the many Americans, especially women who are trying to work a job, raise children, be a good Mom -- It's a huge task and they have tried everything it seems(except quitting eating the traditional fattening foods per the Healthy Planet Diet), so it is very tempting to turn to a pharmaceutical remedy like Adderall.
So, in the unique American tradition of believing "We can have it ALL!", they turn to a pharmaceutical pill that will appear to give them everything they wanted...and more!
I believe this is a Faustian "making a deal with the Devil". There is a price the Devil makes us pay and that price is paid in US Dollars, addiction, and in our long-term health and sanity. But we don't think of these things immediately -- We're so happy to have all these benefits of boundless energy, easy weight loss, a sharper mind, and self-confidence.
We go through what experts in addiction call The Honeymoon, where everything is hunky-dory and life couldn't be better. During this period the physical shackles of addiction are quietly locked in. We don't notice because we're so euphoric.
In my crusade against this stealthy process the Pharmaceutical Industry is happy to lock people into -- for life, or until they come to their senses and say, "This has begun to SUCK!" -- I have had some interaction with those who defend Adderall like one might defend a lover. They will forgive her anything, but please don't say anything that will cause them to lose her!
Never fear! I am fully in favor of your freedom to have access to any substance you want. I'm not out to make Adderall illegal -- I'm just here to say that, when you're tired of being addicted to something that is physically destructive to your health, your looks, and your body, I'd like to show you an herbal alternative that will give you the benefits without the penalties.
I'm talking about AddieUp, of course.
It is useless to argue with addicts to anything! They will defend the substance, blind to its faults, and even become violent or devious to get what keeps them "Feelin' Alright". So, don't bother to argue with them -- It's useless!
I'm just saying, when you're ready to get off Adderall -- or you want to get your child off pharmaceutical amphetamine compounds -- you can try AddieUp, risk free. Decide for yourself, click the AddieUp banner on the page linked below.

Source: http://www.healthyplanetdiet.com/addieup-review.html

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